Brief greetings.

I’d love to be casted in any project which would let me do more than just acting. Ideally I’d be getting classes in some cinema group like ETA. They basically teach theater, free of any monthly fees (so, with very affordable rates) and most of their income comes from student playing plays, right away from module 1. You learn how to get income as an artist. But I don’t live there in Sao Paulo anymore, nor do I want to.

Despite being a fucking great actor (proportional to the amount of practice) and generally above average in anything I do (maybe except sports) I’m also way too unexperienced in making scenes to be easily spotted as a professional there. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get the guts to go “live in the streets” (in a sense, you know, because the absolute majority of artists hardly get any money) and enable myself to start working with some kind of art 24/7…

Until then, I won’t have much to show - unless you want to start digging me up online: boy, as a web freak I’ve created many small “artistic” little things, such as this old thing (which is now broken and I don’t recall what was it but it sure was a form of art!). For a terrible instance, my mom surely loves every little thing I do but not so much of my other 3 younger brothers. I believe it has to do with “the art” which only me, her and maybe a few friends can see. Hopefully very soon a basiux will change all that… And be a mind babelfish! :)

So below I’m trying to gather a collection of relevant links. Hope you can enjoy!


  • casting is a more traditional (and boring) style, if you’re into this stuff
  • probably I should use more instagram, haha
  • random fun, why not? randomness kinda says a lot about my current idea-project
  • back to myself then, with more actual real photos

Somewhat relevant projects

“Poetry” (or some art mostly in form of text)